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I wish some day I could make such great Arts~~:pray:


Linkage by Evelynism

Cyclonus needs a small hand to hold. And Tailgate needs to practice his newly learnt Chirolinguistics.

*draw draw draw*

Perfect. Now I can sleep in peace.

Characters (c) Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
Art (c) me

Hiya! I am offering additional service for all OCs creators now! 

Base on the style of my 1024 x 1024 commission I have been offering, I also can make Your OCs and loved characters printed on products!

Update: Commission (human) samples

Throw pillow and Tote bag samples for real 

Elita One Fluff Fluff Pillows By Lady Elitaone-d99 by Evelynism
Thank you :iconlady-elitaone: :heart:

Comm: Elita One by Evelynism :iconlady-elitaone: Elita One on pillows!


Rebound bag 1 by Evelynism Rebound bag 2 by Evelynism
Thank you :iconspankpig: :heart:

Comm: Rebound by Evelynism :iconrail-way:'s OC Rebound on the tote bag!


Scxg Pillow By Panoptos-d96a56j by Evelynism
Thank you :iconpanoptos: :heart:

Comm: Skycutter x Gryphoon by Evelynism Her OCs Skycutter x Gryphoon on the pillow!

Untitled By Shartii-d937w1o -  by Evelynism Untitled By Shartii-d937w0w -  by Evelynism

Thank you :iconshartii: :heart:

Comm: Alten by Evelynism Comm Zephyr(no mask) by Evelynism Her OCs Alten and Zephyr on pillows!

Price adjustment 

I am joining and putting my 1024 x 1024 commission on it! To meet their price regulation (no less than $15), I will as well adjust my prices for different kinda commission type here.

Please see the follows for new prices (will be effective by 7/8/2015)

Sample 1 (Throw pillow, wall clock, tote bag) 

Sideswipe set by EvelynismTwins set by EvelynismTailgate set by EvelynismMeg set by Evelynism

You can check out Society 6 store open now commission additionHiya guys~
I am opening store on Society 6! I am making my 1024 x 1024 Transformers arts available for sale as products!
For your information, Society 6 is a convenient website to sell and shop for art products, rather seller-and-buyer-friendly~ 
Update: Throw pillow samples for real 
Thanks you :iconSHArtII: :heart:
She has ordered two pillows of her OCs Alten   and Zephyr  
Transformers RID 2015 set - Jetstorm & Slipstream, Jazz, Bumblebee (Throw pillow, Wall clock, Tote bag and art print)
Check here---->
    More to come.....
or visit my store directly for more transformers products!

How to get the products:

1. Inbox me for 1024 x 1024 commission (see the bottom for details) 

2. After the payment is settled, the picture is done, let me know if you want it to be products. I will make it available as the above products and give you the purchase link.

FYI, the base price is fixed by Society 6. The price range will be $20-$35 for a pillow (depends on size), $30 for a wall clock, $18-$24 for a bag. Also there's Shipping fee which depends on your locations and numbers (estimate $10 for a 20" x 20" pillow)

Sample 2 (iPhone case, iPhone skin, Stationary card)

Rewind phone set by Evelynism

Special commission for Phone case/skin/card!

Base on 1024 x 1024 commission style, I can also tailor-make your OCs Phone case!

How to get the products:

1. Inbox me for 1024 x 1024 iPhone commission (see the bottom for details) And provide the cell model you want.

2. After the payment is settled, the picture is done. I will make it available as the above products and give you the purchase link.

*** The size of Phone case is fixed at 1300p x 2000px therefore TOO COMPLICATED CHARACTERS/ELEMENTS is not encouraged. And the price range is $35-$95 depends on the case type you want.

For all those interested: no limited slot so far. Whenever you're interested in commissioning me, just send me a note then we can arrange things :D

Hello all, I am offering commission,again, in a special form this time!


<strong Commission format:
+ on 1024 x 1024 pixel canvas
+ with character in the front, text (OC's name/message you wanna spread) as background, font can be changed 
1024 x 1024 Commission Sample by Evelynism
Please read the rules here

1. Plz contact me through inbox/e-mail. We will discuss all the details.
2. I'll first send you a draft for your further editing. After the draft is confirmed, it can't be changed and I'll collect your payment (Paypal) and finish the pic.

Needed information:

1. reference pic of your OCs/characters your want (details and various angles preferred) 

2. Pose and expression you want 

3. Bg text you want

4. other requests


1. OCs (furries, human, robots, other kinds)
2. OC x Canon, OC x OC (2 characters in one pic at most)
3. Boy x Girl, Boy x Boy, Girl x Girl, Love, friendship, family, blood, violence (mild)
4. Fanart


1. Hentai, sex (pic)
2. Foul language/controversial message (bg text)


Robots (US $17 for one character in a pic)
MTMTE: Megatron by Evelynism  MTMTE: Cyclonus by Evelynism  MTMTE: Tailgate by Evelynism  MTMTE: Whirl by Evelynism  MTMTE: Rung by Evelynism  RID: Steeljaw by Evelynism  WB: Chromia by Evelynism  RID: Jazz by Evelynism  RID: Fixit by Evelynism  EOS: Drift by Evelynism MTMTE: Powerglide by Evelynism  RID: Windblade by Evelynism  MTMTE: Firestar by Evelynism  RID: Bumblebee by Evelynism  RID: Grimlock x Kitty by Evelynism
Swatch: XLite by Evelynism  MTMTE: Ravage by Evelynism

US $18 for two characters in a pic (Bot & Human)
RID: Sideswipe and Russell by Evelynism   WB: Starscream x Alexis? by Evelynism    
US $20 for two characters in a pic (Bot & Bot)
MTMTE: Rewind x Chromedome by Evelynism RID: Slipstream x Jetstorm by Evelynism  

Working progress & Finished works:
1. TF OC Ardent for :iconcheenot: Comm: Ardent by Evelynism
2. TF OC Cheebot for :iconcheenot: Comm: Cheebot by Evelynism

3. TFOC Anacrisis for :iconinictuoculi: Comm: Anacrisis by Evelynism

4. Fixit x Widget for :iconinictuoculi: Comm: Fixit x Widget by Evelynism

5. TFOC Nav 1 for :iconproject-nav1: Comm: Nav 1 by Evelynism

6. TFOC Firedrive for :iconproject-nav1: Comm: Firedrive by Evelynism

7. TFOC Sylph for :iconsaki-noir: Comm: Sylph by Evelynism

8. TFOC Wildclaw for :iconbuslimpan: Comm: Wildclaw by Evelynism

9. Fixit x Widget for :iconinictuoculi: Comm: Fixit x Widget 2 by Evelynism

10. Alten for :iconshartii: Comm: Alten by Evelynism

11. Vazor x Kepler for :iconvaz0r: Comm: Vazor x Kepler by Evelynism

12. Skycutter x Gryphoon for :iconpanoptos: Comm: Skycutter x Gryphoon by Evelynism

13. TFOC Sapphirius for :iconangeladuong-9x: Comm: Sapphirius by Evelynism

14. TFOC Underhand x Laseray for :iconshartii: Completed

15. TFOC Roadkick for :iconbuslimpan: Comm: Roadkick by Evelynism

16. TFOC Roadkick x Wildclaw for :iconbuslimpan: Comm: Roadkick x Wildclaw by Evelynism

17. TFOC Ivy for :iconfloofyowl: Comm: Ivy by Evelynism

18. TFOC Primus for :iconbigtimbears: Comm: Primus by Evelynism

19. TFOC Chakée for :iconsuzidragonlady: Comm: Chakee by Evelynism

20. Zephyr for :iconshartii: Comm: Zephyr by Evelynism

21. TF persona Aurae for :iconshartii: Comm: Aurae by Evelynism

22. TFOC Freestyle for :iconwingsofparadox: Comm: Freestyle by Evelynism

23. TFOC Fusion for :iconwingsofparadox: Comm: Fusion by Evelynism

24. TFOC Solarsparks for :iconal-cube51: Comm: Solarsparks by Evelynism

25. TFOC Commodus for :iconnightmember: Comm: Commodus by Evelynism

26. Sixshot for :iconnightmember: Comm: Sixshot by Evelynism

27. OC Elena x Optimus Prime for :iconsaoswife: Comm: Optimus x Elena by Evelynism

28. TFOC Blindside for :iconboojigg3r: Comm: Blindside by Evelynism

29. TFOC Laurelin x Optimus Prime for :iconlaurelinprime: Comm: Optimus x Laurelin by Evelynism

30. TFOC Laurelin x Optimus Prime for :iconlaurelinprime: Comm: Optimus x Laurelin 2 by Evelynism

31. OC Ellen x Optimus Prime for :iconbelle-izumi: Comm: Ellen x Optimus by Evelynism

32. TFOC Ferrow for :iconshartii: Comm: Ferrow by Evelynism

33. TFOC Causeway x Optimus Prime for :iconlady-elitaone: Comm: Optimus x Causeway by Evelynism

34. :iconrail-way:'s TFOC Rebound for :iconspankpig: Comm: Rebound by Evelynism

35. OC Ashe x Ratchet for :iconrobaschi: Comm: Ashe x Ratchet by Evelynism

36. Elita One for :iconlady-elitaone: Comm: Elita One by Evelynism

37. Small Foot for :iconundrave: Comm: Small Foot by Evelynism

38. :iconlady-elitaone:

39. :iconlady-elitaone:

40. :iconlaurelinprime:


Human, Furry, other organics (US $16 for one character in a pic)
A Bride's Story: Pariya by Evelynism  TFP: Miko by Evelynism Gorillaz: 2D by Evelynism  BH6: Gogo Tamago by Evelynism  Jang Geum's Dream: Seo Jang Geum by Evelynism  Alice: Madness Returns: Alice by Evelynism  Ayano's Theory of Happiness by Evelynism 

 (US $17 for two characters in a pic)
A Bride's Story: Laila x Leyli by Evelynism Teen Titans Go!: Starfire VS Blackfire by Evelynism PPGD: Blossom x Brick by Evelynism PPGD: Bubbles x Boomer by Evelynism PPG: Buttercup x Butch by Evelynism

Working progress & Finished works:

1. Furry Farty for :iconlecidre: Comm: Farty by Evelynism

2. Nigel for :iconshartii: Comm: Nigel by Evelynism

3. Darth Vader x OC Loralyn for :iconlaurelinprime: Comm: Darth Vader x Loralyn by Evelynism

4. :iconicosplaynerd:
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Finally I got a job! Which means I will be spending 8 hours a day work in dull office and little time left for drawing.
I am not completely closing commissions. They will be operate in a slow process. 

For those who have placed their orders (not yet paid), it will take longer to have your sketches done. >_< 
Thanks for your understanding~
  • Mood: Worried


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Hong Kong

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